A great way to start the new year is with a clearly defined marketing strategy. If you own a local business, SEO is something you need to consider. But does SEO still work for SMB and local businesses?

Many so-called experts are really critical when it comes to what SEO can or cannot do to promote a small business. Many bring up dated strategies that followed Googles TOS, but were later deemed low quality and not allowed. SEO professionals have had to adjust and improve as Google and the other search engines have changed to bring better results. This is just how the industry has transformed, there is and never was anything shady going on. Just read the timeline on Google algorithm changes and you will see the full picture. 

Many say SEO is dead. They are dead wrong. 

SEO has become a core competency requirement for many in the marketing industry and companies require this skillset for any new hires. What this means is that now, more than ever, there are great opportunities to rank with the help from an agency. This is because there is no longer an extended learning curve.
There are still SEO strategies that work for any size business. What we have seen lately are hybrid SEO campaigns that target certain geography through on-page optimization and content distribution. Content marketing is SEO, and so is social media, and both are key to success. 

This is what we consider a hybrid strategy  and it is an increasingly successful way to support your in-house team with industry professionals that have years of data research experience. 

Still not convinced? Contact us with questions and we will be happy to provide a needs analysis for your business.